The Grand Canyon

Have you thought of visiting the Grand Canyon recently? Well, you should make plans of visiting this place. You will realize that when it comes to National Parks, The Grand Canyon in a league of its own. This is a place where you can visit with your family or friends. This place is just spectacular. It is actually a traveler’s paradise. The following are the details about The Grand Canyon:

1. It is a veritable bouquet of plant life.

You will note that most people usually get the impression that the Grand Canyon is made up of subdued desert-brown colors. However, this is not true. You will note that this National Park is a home to 650 types of wildflowers. Some of these flowers include: purple Rocky Mountain iris, yellow ragweed, pink toad flax and so forth. If you want to have a better view of these flowers, you should visit this place during summer and spring.

2. Presence of waterfalls.

There are several waterfalls in the Grand Canyon. You will note that these waterfalls are normally very spectacular. One of these waterfalls is the Havasu Falls. This is one of the most famous waterfalls of the Grand Canyon. The other water fall that you are likely to find in this place is the Thunder River and Deer Creek Falls. This is another place where you can hike with your family and friends. The other fall that you should note is the Roaring Springs and Ribbon Falls. These are wonderful places where you can hike with the ones that you love.

3. It is super old.

You will note that geologists believe that Colorado River was created the canyon 6 million ago. In addition, the rocks present in this canyon are believed to be 2 billion years old. It is true to say that this place was formed millions of years ago.

4. You can experience the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

You will realize that this is the only place where you can experience this skywalk. Located at the west Rim, the “glass bridge” normally extends 70 feet past the edge and suspends people up to 4000 feet above the Colorado River. Most people normally enjoy this skywalk. It is very thrilling.

5. It is full of historical sites.

You will note that archeologists have actually uncovered more than 4800 ancient Indian sites. Their finding also suggest that people have continuously inhabited the canyon for more than 4000 years. There is a lot of history that you can learn from this place.

6. Presence of wildlife.

It is important to note that wildlife here normally roam freely through the park. Some of the common animals that you are likely to find include: deer, horned owls. Coyotes and so forth. There are more than 70 species of mammals in this park. In addition, there are more than 250 species of birds and 25 species of reptiles.

The above information can help you know all about the Grand Canyon. This is one of those places that you should visit. It can help you in lowering your stress. Remember that city life can be stressing at times. Once you visit this place, you can take photographs so that you can create memories. Most people have visited this place and have enjoyed the results. Visit this place and you will not regret. It is truly incredible.



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