Why do we celebrate Earth Day?

Earth day is a national day in America. It was founded by Gaylord Nelson who was at the time the Senator of Wisconsin. The day solely focuses on the environment. He founded the day after he had witnessed the ravage of the huge oil spill in Santa Barbra .His inspiration to push for the public consciousness on water and air pollution was the ant-war movement by students. It was clear to him that if he used the same energy to raise awareness on pollution, this would bring protection of the environment onto the political agenda.

Reasons for Celebrating Earth Day
In America, Earth day is celebrated each year on the 22nd of April. The day is celebrated so as to remind each individual that the planet earth with all its beauty is not only our home but its home to every living species. It is a day where we are reminded of the value of the earth.

Throughout the centuries the earth’s resources have been depleted and used mercilessly. Problems such as pollution of rivers due to dumping of waste, global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer have been as a result of our ignorance. Due to our urge for industrialization, a lot of deforestation occurred. All these things put together have contributed to the destruction of the earth. Though we have caused a lot of damage to the earth, there is still hope to correct our wrong. Days such as earth day serve as a reminder to every person to take care and love the earth. It’s also a day that encourages each individual to be friendlier to the environment. This can be achieved through recycling, taking part in a local green project or making use of solar energy.

How to Celebrate Earth Day
Individuals can celebrate earth day by reducing the use of their vehicles which will in turn decrease pollution, planting trees, conserving fuels such as petrol, turning the lights off when not in use. These may seem like small steps but when a group of people choose to do it together, it makes a huge impact. For human beings to be saved, governments as well as politicians will have to make huge changes to make it a possibility. The government has to enact rules and regulations that are stringent. This will make people aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

If we decide not to protect the environment and leave it as it is, the results could be worse. The earth could turn everything around and take revenge on us. Natural calamities such as earth quakes, forest fires, floods, tsunamis are as a result of the planet earth taking revenge on mankind. These natural calamities caused by climate shifts occur when we take the environment for granted. Recovering from such calamities is a toll order.

It is important for mankind to realise that natural resources are depleting and the importance of using them prudently. On Earth day we should all do whatever we can to make earth a better place. Whatever it is it will definitely go a long way in making the world a better place for mankind. On earth day we should all pledge to reduce the carbon foot prints



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